Candle Sampler


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Candle Sampler
Candle Sampler
Candle Sampler
Candle Sampler
Candle Sampler
Candle Sampler


Select three (3) candle fragrances to sample before you decide on a larger candle.  

The Candle Sampler is Perfect for traveling and meets all airport guidelines.

When burning your candle, please in a smaller area such as a nightstand, bathroom or desk so you can properly experience the fragrance.  

Amber Candle Jar with Gold Lid:  2 ounces per candle, 6 ounces total    

Height: 2 inches round   

Burn Time: 10 hours per candle



Notes of: Cinnamon, Citrus, Berries and Pecans


Notes of: Pumpkin, Vanilla Bean,  Cardamom and Cinnamon Spice


Notes of: Cardamom, Chestnut, Cream, Ginger and Cinnamon


Notes of: Dark Plum, Citrus, and Amber


Notes of:  Mulled Sweet Berries, Spicy Cinnamon, Cloves and Creamy Vanilla


Notes of: Cedar, Juniper, and Cloves  


Notes of: Evergreens, Currant, Winter Citrus and Juniper


Our candles are made with a high quality blend of coconut wax for a clean and eco-friendly burn. Each candle contains lead-free cotton wicks. We use high quality fragrances, custom blending each scent to elevate your candle burning experience while ensuring the proper ratio of wax to fragrance for the perfect throw.

Chestnut and Fig candles are hand-poured, in small batches in our studio located in Southern California.

Candle Care:

For best results, burn 2-3 hours at a time allowing wax to melt to the outer edge.  Keep wick trimmed to ¼”. Do not let the flame burn over 1” high. Never leave the candle unattended, Keep out of reach of children and pets. Place on a temperature safe surface. Caution, glass jar may get hot. Do not burn near anything flammable.  Store your candle in a cool, dry place away from warm temperatures and direct sunlight.

Our candles do not contain color enhancing dyes, the natural components of fragrance oils vary slightly in color and may alter the hue of the candle wax.

To prevent tunneling, make sure you burn your candle long enough for the wax to melt completely across the top, we recommend your first burn to be approximately 2-4 hours.  After blowing out the candle, you may notice a small amount of wax left along the side of the container, that is normal, it will burn down with future burns. 

Happy Burning!



Candle Sampler
Candle Sampler
Candle Sampler
Candle Sampler
Candle Sampler
Candle Sampler