Birthday Cake, Room Mist


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Birthday Cake, Room Mist
Birthday Cake, Room Mist
Birthday Cake, Room Mist


Notes of:  Creamy Vanilla Butter, Red Current, Warm Cinnamon, Orange Peel, Apple Cider and Cranberry  

A delightful Pop of Celebration layered with a melody of creamy butter frosting and memorable touches of citrus and mulled wine.  Each fragrance is delicately layered to capture the perfect blend. 


**Birthday Candle Box is also available for purchase. Box includes, 9oz Candle, 1oz Room Mist/Body spray and a decorative box of Matches**


Reminiscent of your favorite candle scents, our room mists are crafted with an organic base and our same quality fragrance oils, all bottled up into a beautiful amber glass vessel. Just a few spritzes will freshen up any room or space, and leave a lasting fragrance.


Base: 100% organic, botanically derived base with organic and non-GMO grain alcohol. 

Fragrance: Natural Fragrance oils infused with essential oils, body safe, and phthalate free


4 liquid ounces, and approximately 650 spritzes 

1 liquid ounce, approximately 175 spritzes 


Room Mist Care:

Our Room Mist will fill your room with just a few spritzes of your favorite Chestnut and Fig scent.  Before each use, "Shake" as ingredients may have settled. 

Please keep out of direct light and excessive heat.



Birthday Cake, Room Mist
Birthday Cake, Room Mist
Birthday Cake, Room Mist