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Room Fragrance

Room Mist

Room mists have quickly become a favorite way to enhance any space! All it takes is a few sprays and you will instantly be enjoying your favorite Chestnut and Fig fragrances. Our Organic, botanically derived alcohol base and natural fragrance oils are bottled in 1 oz. (175 squirts) and 4 oz. (650 squirts) glass amber bottles.  All room mists are Organic and contain natural fragrance oils infused with essential oils.  

Separation is normal, shake the room mist before each use. 


Room Diffuser

Room Diffusers offer a calming effect in the atmosphere with tiny breathable whiffs of your favorite fragrance.  Our diffusers are made with our high quality blend of fragrance oils and carrier oil to elevate your fragrance experience.   Your diffuser will be most fragrant in a small space.

For best results, remove cap and insert reeds. Allow the oil to absorb into the reeds for 1 hour before flipping the reeds. To prolong the life of your diffuser,  flip the reeds every two weeks.  Room Diffuser oil lasts approximately 3-4 months.